Saturday, July 30, 2005

The FF Couple: Chad and Whitney

Who's your FF couple?

While I love "Passions," it's really too repetitive to watch live. You've got to record the show so you can skip the slow parts. I usually watch it in the evening on my DVR. I only watch it live at the gym, where repetition is welcomed because I'm often distracted.

But in watching the recorded show, I find that there's one couple I always Fast Forward (FF) through: Chad and Whitney. I find them and their storyline so dull, that when the actor playing Chad changed, I didn't notice.

They're both so smooth and dull, that there's nothing about them to hook into. Okay, I grant that the incest storyline is juicy, but it hasn't been played that way. Mostly when I look at them I see one dull soliloquy after another. How about some fireworks here, some -- ahem -- passion.

Readers sound off, who's your FF couple?


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