Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Disaster, All Right

Is everyone ready for the "Passions" disaster, starting Tuesday? All buckled in? All ready for the most shocking, suspenseful storyline ever?

Yeah, I wish. As a longtime "Passions" viewer, I've seen a lot of disasters hit this town: avalanches, hurricanes, sinking ships, fires, a charisma-free actor playing Martin Fitzgerald. And I know I'm forgetting several. But now an earthquake? It's as if the writers didn't know where New England was.

What I hate most about these planned events is the promise and the letdown. Don't even begin to think that this will change anything on the show, because when the dust has finally been swept away, the plots will be back where they were and dragging as slowly as ever.

I love the show, but the writers have to know that inertia causes inertia. The slower the plotlines move, the harder it is to create any real change. I think all plotlines should last a maximum of six months, but most should be less, and should end with something actually happening. This isn't a traditional soap, so let's get things moving.

I see this earthquake not as something happening, but as something not happening. It's a hurdle that will prevent storylines from going anywhere while everyone deals with the damage.

By the way, today's picture comes from a press event that "Passions" held last week at Universal Studios to hype the disaster thing. It looks silly, but if I had been there, I'd have stood in line for autographs just like everyone else. I love this picture, because you can imagine how carefully the actors and their stylists tried to plan their looks to create an image. The actor playing Sam desperately wants to look young and hunky, so he wore a tight t-shirt with the name of a band that was hot back when he actually was young. The actors playing Ethan and Noah are both playing dress up in casual ways. Ethan wins, with an elegant look that still shows his body.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is sick. You have so many horriable and untrue comments here.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Lot's of horrible, I give you that, but I'm only writing about the "Passions" storylines (which I both love and hate). But what did I write that's untrue?

4:49 PM  
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