Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cuffed and Stuffed

Did anyone catch Noah handcuffed in yesterday's episode? It was in the police station scene. His hands were behind his back and his legs were splayed apart, with a big bulge showing in those white pants he's been wearing. So nice.

I had to feel bad for Ethan, who was sitting next to him in exactly the same pose. You see, Ethan had no bulge happening. Noah, big bulge. Ethan, no bulge. Maybe Noah got the big bulge gene from Grace, since they're both Sam's sons.

Watching Noah makes me think the costume person on "Passions" has gone insane. What's with that South Beach outfit he's been wearing, with the candy-colored stripes and the white pants? He should be posing at the bar at the Delano in that outfit, not beating up bad guys in a dinky New England town.


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