Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cracking Up

So the disaster is finally here. The crickets stopped their chirping. Everything was normal one moment, and then the earth started to shake.

And all this was caused by (deep breath) one of Tabitha and Endora's spells gone wrong. They "crossed their beams" and the combined beam lifted up a globe, started it spinning, and threw it straight at Edna Wallace's head.

That's when things started shaking.

That's pretty weak.

I can't see any reason why that would start an earthquake, except that the writers wanted an earthquake and this was the easiest way they could think of to start one. The witchcraft is just an easy out for them, for whatever they want to do. Sometimes Tabitha has no problem casting spells, and sometimes she blows them. It all depends on where the writers want to end up.

I did laugh, though, when hero Sam briefly thought he'd caused the shaking by dramatically pounding on the Blue Note's door. You go, Sam.

So now we'll be treated to weeks of life saving efforts that fill up air time but don't advance any of the plots. I have high hopes, actually, for Maureen, Sheridan's new friend. She obviously has a story to tell and we can all hope that it doesn't involve a love triangle or an ill-fated romance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But wait, there's more! We get not only an earthquake but also an accidental stabbing *and* an accidental shooting! Because mere earthquake damage just isn't enough.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Harmony Troy said...

Thanks for leaving my first comment, Anonymous. How exciting.

Yes, we did get an accidental stabbing and shooting. Oops! Did I do that?

The stabbing was okay with me. It felt natural to the scene; it worked. I think Jessica has the best storyline, although it's hard to enjoy it because she's so unlikable. But the shooting was inane. Alistair actually meant to shoot Ethan, you see. In a crowded bar, surrounded by family and townspeople. Earlier that very night, Luis had a knife to his throat and he did nothing, but he was going to shoot Ethan in public for mouthing off. Weak.

10:36 PM  

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